It’s hard to believe it is almost time to celebrate Thanksgiving again.  Spring came and went, summer breezed by, the leaves began to fall, and here we are.  This year we have so much to be thankful for.  We live in a country where we have so many opportunities. We can grow up to be what we want, and make our own choices when it comes to food.  The opportunities to choose food are endless.  We can choose to support big or small business, make our own food, or buy it prepared.  In this day and age where there are so many choices remember what Thanksgiving is all about.  Thanksgiving is our humble reminder of how the earth can produce exactly what we need, more perfectly than any chemist can produce in a lab.  The shorter the distance from the farm to your table the better it will taste, the better you will feel. 

This month I celebrated my one year anniversary as a food blogger and am happy to say that it has been incredibly rewarding.  I’ve met genuinely wonderful people that give freely of themselves for the new girl. 

Reflecting on this year and the changes that have occurred, one thing that is consistent in my life is my friends (this means family too).  They continue to give me love and support and in this case share some family recipes. 

Last year on Just Eat Food I made my wonderful friend Marci’s Berry Sweet Potato Bake and it is a hit whenever I make it. PS she broils marshmallows on top of hers.  mmmm....

This year Marci has graciously shared her recipe for Cranberry Velvet Salad.

Her table is sure to be filled with love, great food, and new family memories.  I wish you all a happy and warm Thanksgiving.