Recently, I read an article where I learned of Mark Kastel.  Earlier in his life Mark had been exposed at work to agricultural chemicals.  This weakened his immune system resulting in allergies, symptoms included debilitating migraines.   The doctor prescribed organic foods, and eventually he was back to work again.  However, he chose a different cause, organic farmers.  After 20 years in the industry he co found The Cornucopia Institute with Will Fantle. 

After reading the article I hopped online and checked out their website where I found tons of valuable information regarding the organic industry.  The institute serves as kind of a watch dog group for family farms, and of course so us consumers can find valuable information.  I don't think we can expect the marketers to tell us what to buy. The Cornucopia Institute conducted a survey to find out which products have family farms behind them, and which ones don't.  Lets just say...I won't be buying Horizon® anymore.  I encourage you to take a look at this report and start buying dairy products from companies you can get behind.  We have a right to know where our money is going.  Thanks, to The Cornucopia Institute now we know.  Please check out to get more information on the survey, and the findings.