When we moved to the Chicago area in July 2008 we had to find a local bread that we liked.  Tried a few and they were dry and WAY too dense.  So I decided to look again at commercially made bread. 

The list of ingredients ran on and on with unpronounceable, unknown, words.  I understood a few things like enriched flour.  But, I don’t want my flour enriched either.  Enriching flour means that nutrients are added back in because they were stripped when the flour was processed into white flour.  But, after enriched flour, the list grew weirder, and weirder.  Then we get to high fructose corn syrup.  This is a sugar substitute.  OK, fine I get that.  But, why is there any type of sweetener in my bread?  Bread is only supposed to contain: flour, water, salt, and yeast right? 

Adding unnecessary sweeteners to everyday products is enough for me to have a disdain for HFCS.  Then the method through which HFCS is made sounds awfully unnatural.  The corn syrup (in part from genetically modified corn) undergoes enzymatic processing (where genetically modified enzymes are added) to speed up the chemical reactions.  It goes on from there. 

Another argument I have heard is that fructose is also found in fruit.  So it is naturally occurring.  Yeah it is but, honestly, let me get my daily shot of fructose from an apple, where I am getting other nutrients in a beautifully packaged bit of loveliness.  The problem, it seems, is that we are just sucking down WAY too much of the stuff.  Everything in moderation goes right out the door.  It seems best to try and watch how much sugar you intake.  We all know it is a treat.

If it isn’t found in nature, I don’t want it.  However, I wouldn’t say that you are going to grow an extra digit if you have it occasionally just yet…