Hip-hip-hooray!  Looks like organic milk may soon be under new regulations.  It is comforting to know that watch dog groups like Cornucopia Institute can not only bring to light disconcerting issues, but can get something done about them.  Looks like someone took notice of their efforts according to "Turf wars: New rules for organic dairies' cows", by Steve Karnowki.  Now let's just hope that the regulations are not made so stringently that the very farmers we are trying to protect are put out of business.


If, you haven't read my article Is all Organic Milk Created Equal I encourage you to do that, and follow the link to Cornucopia Institute's findings.  Fascinating stuff.  My buying habits will never be the same.  Make sure you know what is going on your cereal, and where those hard earned pennies are going.  It is up to us, the consumers, to voice our opinions not only by the words we say, but by the products we buy.