Oh how I love thee let me count the ways: meringue, omelets, quiche, sunny side up, the list goes on and on!  Is there anything you can't do?  Perfect little capsules containing glorious nutrients and sunny little faces smiling back at you.  As if to say, good choice, there isn't anything but love in here! But wait...I can't eat the yolk, there's cholesterol in there.  Can this be true?  Could a food that has been eating since the dawn of time be adding to our current health crisis?  Is the yolk on us?  Hmmm...

Eggs Eggs

I've been wondering about the white vs. yolk subject for quite some time now.  Should we just eat the white?  Should we eat both?  There certainly is cholesterol in eggs according to the Mayo Clinic.  If someone has high cholesterol issues this might be something to consider cutting out.  What about the rest of us without high cholesterol?  My instinct tells me that we can eat them just the way they are.  Apparently there are some fabulous nutrients that we need that are only found in the yolk not the white.  I bet there are benefits we don't even know about when the white and yolk are consumed together. 

So, for me and my family we aren't going to labor this any further.  We are a yolk loving family and intend on staying that way.  Now I'm not saying that we should all start scarfing down a 6 egg omelet every morning.  I am merely saying that when eaten in moderation I don't see the harm.  Long live the glorious (pastured) egg!