Egg Cups - Simple name, ENDLESS possibilities

Based on my recent posts it seems as though I may be a member of the National Pork Producers Council or something.  I am not.  Admittedly, I love the stuff.  Any way I can get it.  Salads, pizza, breakfast, lunch and dinner.  So, when I saw Dine and Dish's recipe for Bacon & Egg Cups it went on my short list.  To see the original recipe click here.

My mind is already filled with mini frittatas all piled up at an upcoming brunch.  I think I might have a brunch just to serve these little cups!  Gorgeous, and incredibly easy. 

Egg Cups


  • 4 pastured eggs
  • 4 strips pastured bacon

Preheat oven to 350°.  Line muffin tin holes with one strip of bacon, securing it to the sides.  Do not line the bottom.  Break egg over hole and add one egg to each bacon ring.

Bake for about 25+ minutes depending on how well done you like your bacon.

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Reader Comments (2)

Paige 03/05/09 02:12:54 PM

How cute! Love me some pork as well... In case you never saw them check out the bacon salad baskets at Not
Search "bacon bowls"

Emily 03/05/09 02:12:54 PM

Paige those look incredible! Next they will tell us that bacon is curing crazy diseases! I love this stuff!

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