We cooked a 4 pound pork loin in the crock pot yesterday with ¼ cup of water and slathered the pork with crushed garlic and mixed herb seasoning.  When the pork was falling apart and tender, about 6 hours, we served it to our guests as wonderful pork carnitas tacos with all the trimmings.  Needless to say there was a significant amount of leftovers.  Breakfast burritos seemed like a wonderful use for the glorious slow cooked pork.  Accompany the burritos with a side of black beans if you can handle them for breakfast.  This could be a fabulous dinner too.  Don't underestimate the power of eggs for dinner! 


Carnitas Breakfast Burrito

Garnishes (optional)

Over medium heat, in a large skillet add eggs.  Stir almost constantly, when they begin to firm up, add carnitas and green chilies.  Continue to cook until desired consistency is reached.  Warm corn tortillas, flipping once, in another skillet. 

Divide egg mixture between the 4 corn tortillas, garnish at will!