In Illinois our fresh produce season is long awaited.  When the time finally arrives for fresh fruit I find myself gorging on the stuff.  Like a wild beast plucking fish from a river, I too have been a little indulgent in my consumption.

That being said we have had the most wonderful nectarines recently.  Like little pieces of pie wrapped around a pit….mmm….  Enjoy the best of the season any way you like but I prefer to have it 3+ times a day.  Starting with a bit helping of oatmeal, yes please!

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Nectarine and blueberry oatmeal



Cook oats according to package directions.  They typically take about 30 minutes so you will have plenty of time to make your smoothie.

For the smoothie portion blend nectarines, blueberries, yogurt, cinnamon, and brown sugar in a small food processor.  Be sure not to over mix, chunks are fine. 

When the oatmeal has about 2 minutes left to cook add smoothie mixture, and serve once heated through.  Add your lovely little garnishes and serve immediately.