CSA (community supported agriculture)

  • Local Harvest is the best site I have found to locate a CSA program in your area.Being a member of a CSA not only means that your money stays in your community, but you get to have fresh produce picked at the peak of their perfection.

Food Dictionary

  • Epicurious Food Dictionary Whether or not you are a novice at cooking, there are always times when you find yourself unsure of a term. We can't know EVERYTHING. When the happens I love the dictionary page of epicurious.

Pastured/ Grass-fed Products

  • Eatwild is a great resource tofigure outwhere to find grass-fed/pastured products in your area, and to learn about all the benefits. I choose to eat grass-fed only products because I believe a natural diet for the animals can only result in healthier food for us. Not to mention that we are putting back into the earth what we take out when animals are pastured. Oh yeah, and it tastes better. Pastured animals don't need antibiotics because they are eating a natural diet. Which means we don't get pumped full of unnatural crap either. Buying meat in bulk can be kind of tricky, but I have found that the farms are incredibly helpful. There are also buying clubs where you can link up with other people in your area to create a pick up location for us urbanites that may find it harder to get to the farm locations for pick ups. Check out the site, it's great!

Seasonal Produce

Other Sites I Love (Not Food Related)

  • Dandelifethis social networking is tons of fun. I love that you can choose who can read your posts. You can set them to public, private, or just allow friends or family to post. The community there is great and really friendly.
  • Dealnews allows you to see who has the best deals going on right then. You can rank the postings in order of hotness which is awesome. If you are looking to buy something, I suggest you check here first.
  • Greater Good offers simple ways to help non-profits online.  Most are just a click a day to help make a difference.

If you have any questions or comments please direct them to me at emily@justeatfood.com.  I would love to hear from you.